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Dave Montague is the retired president of the Missile Systems Division of Lockheed Missile and Space Company in Sunnyvale, California. He was also a Corporate Vice President of the parent Lockheed Corporation. The Missile Systems Division was best known for the development, production, and fielding of six generations of fleet ballistic missile systems, from Polaris A1 through Trident D5.

A mechanical engineering graduate of Cornell University, Dave joined Lockheed in 1956 as an associate engineer and progressed through various technical and management assignments in Lockheed's missile and space programs, culminating in his first major management appointment as Trident C4 Fleet Ballistic Missile System Program Manager. He went on to become Vice President-Tactical and Defense Systems, where he directed Lockheed's efforts that resulted in the first "hit to kill" interception and destruction of an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile reentry vehicle high above the atmosphere in 1984.

Dave was elected an Officer of Lockheed Corporation in 1989. Before retiring in early 1996, he ran a 1.5 billion dollar enterprise of approximately 6,000 engineering and manufacturing professionals engaged in development, production and field support for the Fleet Ballistic Missile program, Defensive Missile Systems, most notably the Theater High Altitude Area Defense System, Lockheed’s low-cost space launch vehicle, marine systems programs, and several smart weapons programs.

Mr. Montague is a recognized leader in project and systems management and has been nationally recognized for his expertise in strategic and tactical strike and defensive weapon systems design, management and policy.

He is a fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, and in 1990 won that organization's prestigious Missile Systems Award. The National Management Association awarded him the Silver Knight of Management. He was elected a member of the National Academy of Engineering in 1991.

Mr. Montague has served as an advisor to the Department of Defense on strategic weapons and space applications, and has served on numerous Defense Science Board task forces. He also has served on studies for the U.S. Army in ballistic missile defense and for the National Research Council Naval Studies Board. He has participated in studies for the Georgetown Center for Strategic and International Studies examining strategic force posture and policy. For eight years, Dave served as a member of the Steering Task Group for the US Navy Director of Strategic Systems Programs. Since retiring Mr. Montague consults for various companies and agencies on systems engineering and management problems.

Mr. Montague is co-holder of a patent on a spacecraft altitude control system employing magnetometer sensors. He co authored an article for the AIAA Journal entitled, "A Spacecraft Attitude Control System Employing Magnetometer Sensors" in 1962. He is co author of a paper entitled "Issues of Exo-atmospheric Homing" published in the Fall 1970 issue of the Journal of Defense Research and has authored numerous papers on national defense policy issues and management topics in conjunction with his service on defense policy studies.

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