The Handbook of Integral Management

by L. David Montague

LDM Associates, Management and Systems Engineering Consultants Specializing in Project Management Solutions.

Integral Management Techniques:

Remedy for Many of Today's Management Ills


Written two years before the "dot com" implosion and the Enron scandal, Restoring Trust foresaw today’s crisis in American business. Sound management practices have all but been eclipsed by the recent and seemingly endless revelations of fraud and excess at the highest level, often aided and abetted by the financial community. The recent carnage is the product of management practices perverted by personal greed, based neither on good corporate governance or good corporate citizenship. This betrayal of public trust has destroyed confidence in Corporate America, its so called independent analysts, and its regulators.


The excesses and collapse of the Dot com driven "new economy" at the turn of the millenium, and recent revelations of corporate fraud by senior management of Enron, Anderson and others did not occur over-night. They evolved during the last 20 years, which saw the junk bond leveraged buy outs of the 80's, and the corporate merger mania of the 90's fueled by over-inflated paper value hyped by Wall Street. These were the harbingers of what was to come.

In Restoring Trust, Mr. Montague focuses on the effective management of enterprises and projects of all shapes and sizes in today's rapidly changing environment. building on 40 years of high integrity management success, he sets the stage, examining many management issues and pitfalls, the forces at work and their ramifications over the last 20 years.

Restoring Trust builds a foundation of key principles, from the perspective of all the stakeholders in an enterprise of any size, offering specific remedies and management methods proven successful in establishing and maintaining credibility at all levels in the business environment. He calls this approach to enterprise and project leadership "Integral Management".

The book offers several unique features:

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